Laravel php Development Services in Calgary

If you want to have a slick, modern website that’s also reliable and multifunctional, you’ll require a tool that’s equally good. The name of that tool is Laravel 5 - a highly-versatile PHP framework that’s been made to address the needs of eager web artisans.

There’s nothing that Laravel couldn’t handle - e-commerce websites, information portals, social networks – it all gets done nicely if performed by specialists from a professional web agency. Like Zwebra Web Studio Inc.

Laravel 5 Php Framework Benefits

  • Versatility. No matter how complex a project is, Laravel can manage it
  • High load. Designed for durability and high loads, Laravel code is not going to crack under pressure
  • Reliability. Did anyone say «hackers»? Not on Laravel 5

We're Laravel certified developers

More about Laravel 5

Laravel 5 is one of the best new frameworks for website development out there. Its syntax is expressive, easily maintainable and, dare we say, beautiful.

Laravel 5is highly customizable and is a pleasure to work in for a team of any size - whether it’s one person or 20 developers. Laravel also makes any data migration breeze.

It hasn’t been around for as long as some other frameworks but it sure has learned from their mistakes having come up with a nearly flawless environment.

Exploring the amazing possibilities of Laravel 5 are web developers at Zwebra Studio. Be sure to see our portfolio for examples of the work that we’ve done.

Laravel 5 Web Development Company in Calgary, Alberta

As the fourth-largest census metropolitan area in Canada, Calgary boasts fast-developing economy and a strong IT sector. The competition between businesses online is ever-stiff here.

One of the ways to win your clients’ hearts over is to create a website that will outdo the competition by a mile with its design, functionality, and speed - that’s why we (and, hopefully, you) are here. Using Laravel 5 combined with other prominent technologies, Zwebra specialists will help you create a website, an app, or a web application that’ll make your competitors envy and your visitors and clients happy! All of our development work is done in-house, which means no outstaffing or outsourcing – we can’t trust your website to a third party.

So, if you’re looking for a web development agency in your town or province, consider Zwebra Web Studio Inc.!


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