Laravel Php Development Services in Mississauga

When developing a website, one should make sure there are two things present: a skilled, professional developer (obviously:)) & a solid, reliable framework to build upon

No matter how many people think that professional skills are more important for development, the reality tends to prove them wrong: BOTH are equally important. You can’t build a house on a shaky ground or a swamp. There is an abundance of PHP frameworks these days - from well-established to obscure, but one definitely stands out because of its versatility, simplicity, and a large spectrum of capabilities. We’re talking about Laravel 5. It handles all kinds of websites - from information portals and social networks to e-commerce websites and corporate websites.

We are the agency that employs Laravel 5 for its projects - Zwebra.

Laravel 5 Php Framework Benefits

  1. Versatile. Handles projects of any scale 
  2. Durable. Able to withstand the highest loads 
  3. Reliable. Hard-to-crack code + anti-hacking protection
  4. Stable. No unexpected errors

We're Laravel certified developers

More about Laravel 5

  • Laravel 5 is a blueprint for modern website development frameworks. It has learned from the mistakes made by others and was able to offer a nicely packaged php framework ideal for most web development purposes.
  • Laravel 5 highlights include its clean and concise syntax that is easy to maintain, a high level of customization, and an easy-to-run-and-follow data migration process.
  • Zwebra Studio have been working on Laravel 5 for quite some time now and there’s hardly anything we couldn’t do for you using this framework.

To see the examples of our work, please check our portfolio.

Laravel 5 Web Development Company in Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga isn’t just a suburb of Toronto - it’s a well-developed city and a metropolitan area on its own, ranking as the sixth-most populous municipality in Canada, according to a 2016 census. A home to many major corporate headquarters in Canada, Mississauga serves as a center of business and commerce in Ontario. All this contributes to the fact that businesses have to engage in a stiff competition in order to win the customers - and that includes online businesses as well.

Solution? A website, an app, or a web application that loads fast, looks great, and works flawlessly. The ones that we do at Zwebra based on Laravel 5 framework - no outstaffing or outsourcing, all in-house.

If you haven’t chosen yet, which web development agency to choose for the job in your town or province, consider Zwebra Web Studio Inc.!


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