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Great websites don’t come out of nowhere - they must be built on a foundation that provides for greatness. No matter how many stories you build upon it - if your foundation is weak, the whole structure will inevitably fall. For websites, a reliable foundation is just as important - it’s called a framework. Would you like to know what the best php framework is now? Its name is Laravel and it’s been gaining more and more mainstream popularity lately.

A web agency that employs Laravel 5 for its development needs, thus, will have an advantage over the others as Laravel 5 is universally good for all kinds of websites from e-commerce websites and corporate websites to information portals and social networks.

Laravel 5 Php Framework Benefits

  • Versatility. Ideal for sophisticated projects, well-suitable for small ones
  • High load. Designed to withstand extremely high loads with excellence
  • Reliability. The anti-hacking protection is strong enough to prevent possible threats

We're Laravel certified developers

More about Laravel 5

Laravel is an ideal framework for modern website development. Not to say that the obvious choice frameworks are bad, Laravel 5, nevertheless, features several things that other frameworks are somewhat lacking:

  • clean, concise, and expressive syntax
  • high level of customization
  • it's very easy to maintain
  • it turns any data migration process into a walk in the park.

Laravel 5 Web Development Company in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is not only a capital of Canada - it’s the center of education and new technologies currently rated the best place to live in Canada.
Needless to say, this creates a highly-competitive environment for businesses as the customers’ expectations are at an all-time high.
To stay competitive and continue making profits, businesses must have websites that combine slick, modern design with the latest technologies in programming and UI.

With the help of Laravel 5, Zwebra Web Studio Inc. professionals will make you a website, an app, or a web application that will outdo the competition by a mile and leave your clients pleased. All of Zwebra’s development work is performed in-house. That means no outstaffing or outsourcing – we take great responsibility and pride in what we do.

So, if you’re looking for a web development agency in your town or province, consider Zwebra Studio!


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