Laravel Php Development Services in Vancouver BC

Whenever you’re about to make a website, it ultimately boils down to two main things:

✓ a highly professional developer able to deliver on time

✓ a highly reliable and versatile PHP framework

As strange as it sounds, professional developers are easier to come by than reliable and versatile PHP frameworks. It happens due to the fact that modern websites are more demanding than ever, which presents high requirements to frameworks. One of the frameworks that is universal, versatile, and highly customizable is Laravel 5.

We at Zwebra web development agency make a great deal of use of it. Why? Here are the reasons.

Laravel 5 Php Framework Benefits

  • It’s versatile. Laravel 5 can handle anything - from information portals and social networks to e-commerce websites and corporate websites
  • It’s durable. Manages high loads like no other
  • It’s reliable. Features strong anti-hacking protection
  • It’s stable. Unexpected errors? So far there’s been none

We're Laravel certified developers

More about Laravel 5

  • Laravel 5 developers have been able to come up with a great tool for website development, which caters equally to coders, project managers, and website users.
  • Some of the flaws present in other popular PHP frameworks are absent here as Laravel 5 developers seemed to have learnt from their mistakes.
  • The main advantage of Laravel 5 is its syntax - clean, concise, easily-maintained, with a surprisingly high level of customization, and simple data migration tools.

If you're interested what a great website made on Laravel 5 might look like, check our portfolio with the examples of some of our recent works.

Laravel 5 Web Development Company in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is arguably the most peculiar city in Canada. Consistently named as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life, Vancouver is also home to one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Canada as 52% of its residents named English as their second language, not the first.

How do you make your way in that kind of business environment? By striving to provide the best service and experience to your customers, including your website too. If a great website is what you’re after, Zwebra specialists are here to help.  Utilizing Laravel 5 technologies, we can create a website, an app, or a web application that will amaze both your competitors and customers. All the development is done in-house by our howe-grown specialists, which makes outstaffing or outsourcing a big no-no.

If you still haven’t decided on web development agency for your website in your town or province, consider Zwebra Web Studio Inc.!


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