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What are the two most important things you need to have before starting to develop a website? Most would say «a skillful coder». We would add «a reliable framework». Despite what many people in the industry think, they’re equally important.

If you want to get a great website, you’ve got to have both. Coders are a dime a dozen, and you can often easily find the skillful ones among them. Reliable PHP frameworks, on the other hand, are not that common. There’s only a handful of good ones out there and probably the most well-rounded and versatile of them all is Laravel.

We are the agency that uses Laravel 5 successfully for its projects - Zwebra.

Laravel 5 Php Framework Benefits

  • Versatile. Handles all kinds of projects: information portals, social networks, e-commerce websites
  • Durable. Designed to manage high loads
  • Reliable. No hacker would be able to get in
  • Stable. Say goodbye to unexpected errors and syntax flaws

We're Laravel certified developers

More about Laravel 5

Laravel 5 is one the most successful website development PHP frameworks on the market. It has all the advantages of a modern framework while avoiding the mistakes often present in other popular PHP frameworks.

Laravel 5 is mostly known for its:

  • syntax that’s clean, concise, and easily-maintainable
  • surprisingly high level of customization
  • simple data migration process.

We at Zwebra Web Studio Inc. have been utilizing Laravel 5 for a few years now and we’ve had some really great successes (and fun while coding) with it. Here’s our portfolio containing the samples of the work we’ve done so far.

Laravel 5 Web Development Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Known as the «Gateway to the West», Winnipeg is located in the heart of Canada serving as a transportation hub. Due to that, the economy here is highly diversified and technologically-advanced. Ranked as the least expensive location to do business in western Canada, Winnipeg creates a highly competitive environment for businesses, both online and offline. Surviving in such stiff competition largely depends on having a website that exceeds the clients’ expectations while being far superior to the websites of competitors.

This the kind of websites we do here Zwebra. Based on Laravel 5 framework, we can build you a website, an app, or a web application that runs fast, looks slick, and works flawlessly. The one thing that we stand by at Zwebra is that there’s never been outstaffing or outsourcing as all the work is done in-house.

If you still haven’t decided on web development agency for your website in your town or province, consider Zwebra Web Studio Inc.!


Max Bezorudko, project manager



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