Magento eCommerce Development Services in Oshawa

Creating customer-centered e-commerce websites that provide an enjoyable experience and a wealth of functionality is what we do here at Zwebra Web Studio Inc.

What makes a great website? Striking visuals, top-class functionality, enjoyable user experience. When you get them all together, the magic happens instantly.

What makes a great e-commerce website? Basically, the same three components.

However, you have to remember that you are dealing with CUSTOMERS here, not just visitors. Customers are harder to please but they can bring you, as a business owner, a lot more in return if they are pleased.

Magento Development Services from Zwebra

  • Start a new Magento store
  • Design/redesign a Magento e-shop
  • Transfer PSD to Magento2
  • Create and install custom extensions, modules, and plugins (e.g., an online design tool for T-shirts)
  • Magento theme customization
  • Update a Magento online store to the latest version
  • Magento 2 upgrade
  • Create a Magento theme from scratch
  • Magento 1 and 2 support and maintenance services: bug fixing, database fixes, data import and export, backups and restores
  • Magento migration
  • Outsource Magento backend developers
  • Moving a Magento site to hosting
  • Integration with third-party applications and services
  • Backend customizations

5 Reasons to Develop an E-commerce Website Using Magento CMS:

  1. Popularity and global presence => 26% of all e-commerce websites are powered by Magento)
  2. Open-source code => loads of really useful add-ons and extensions developed by the community
  3. Huge knowledge base => all your potential issues have already been addressed
  4. Cross-browser support and mobile-friendly design => seamless customer experience on any device or browser
  5. Tracking, analytics, and reporting tools => track your e-shop performance

The full list of Magento 2 requirements is available at this address:

Why Hire Magento Developers from Zwebra?

  • Solid team of certified Magento developers
  • Over 20 major Magento solutions deployed + over 100 custom modifications projects completed
  • Customer-oriented solutions
  • Highest coding standards
  • Never missed a deadline
  • Our programmers are Magento certified

Delivering quality Magento solutions since 2010.

Meet Our Team

We're Your Magento Development Company in Oshawa, Ontario

If you live and/or run your e-commerce website in Oshawa area, Magento programmers from Zwebra Web Studio Inc. are the people you need to make your website shine.

We will help you create a Magento e-shop from scratch or deploy any modifications you wish to your current Magento-based website.

We support Magento versions from Magento 1.3/Magento 1.9 to the latest, Magento 2.2 (released in September 2017).

To learn more about Magento eCommerce development services in Oshawa from Zwebra, please contact us via the form below – we will provide you with a quote.


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