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Angular 2 is a modern single-page application (SPA) development framework. It was designed by developers from Google to tackle the development of complex desktop applications in browsers.

Within a short period of time (less than two years since the original release date), Angular has become one of the most widespread frameworks competing with the leaders.

It is quite different from the rest of the rest of the bunch offering some really unique features that allow you to build desktop applications easier and faster than before.

Benefits of Angular Framework for Online Businesses

  • Allows you to use modern web platforms capabilities for delivering app-like experiences in browsers
  • Stable performance at all times
  • Versatility: works with node.js, .NET, PHP, etc.
  • Easily scales to the project of any magnitude
  • A wide choice of templates allows to quickly create UI views
  • Combines the best of both worlds - websites and desktop apps
  • Enables creating high-performance, complex animation timelines
  • Simplified data migration process

More about Angular

Angular was originally developed and released in 2016 to handle web applications with dynamic and complex UI. The «2» in the name was added in order to avoid the confusion with another framework (Angular JS) already existing at the time.

The most recent stable release is Angular 4. Its key features include:

  1. The heavy use of Microsoft’s TypeScript language
  2. Modularity (bits of code are organized in modules sharing similar functionality)
  3. Reduction in the code size
  4. Angular CLI (command line interface) to make the development process easier
  5. Animations (comes with a separate package for animations)
  6. Dynamic loading
  7. Native app development support (to help you build native mobile apps without knowing all the platform specifics)

Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Development Company in Brampton, Peel Region, Ontario

Angular developers from Zwebra Web Studio Inc. have been honing their dev skills to build the finest single-page application for your online business. Whatever idea you might come up with, we will handle it.

All the work is done in-house by our own team, which, of course, means «no» to outstaffing or outsourcing.

So, if you’re looking for a quality web application development agency in Brampton, be sure to consider Zwebra! Here’s our portfolio with the examples of our work.


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