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Many businesses face the task of creating a single-page application (SPA) that is fast, flawless and powerful. The main question here is «what tools should I use?» and just so it seems we may have found an answer - Angular. Angular is a universal, multi-platform framework that is designed for building applications for any deployment target. Most common examples of Angular 2 in use include Google’s own Drive and Gmail. A flexible and versatile framework, Angular 2 is best handled by professional developers - like the ones we have on our team at Zwebra Web Studio Inc.

There are several reasons why we love using Angular 2 for our ambitious projects - here they are.

Benefits of Angular Framework

  • Ideally fits for creating dynamic web applications
  • Easily scalable
  • Gives you the best of both worlds: websites + desktop apps

More about Angular

Angular 2 was originally created by a group of programmers from Google with the goal of having a tool that will take care of developing single-page applications with dynamic and complex UI, both web and mobile. The initial release came out in September 2016 - it was a rewrite of the framework released a few years prior to that called Angular JS, from the same team.

A few months later, a new version was released dubbed Angular 4, hence the confusion with the names. Both versions can be referred to as simply «Angular».

Angular framework features many highlights, among them are:

  • allows developing on all platforms (desktop, laptop, mobile)
  • excellent speed and performance 
  • helpful tools
  • widespread across the whole world
  • simplified data migration.

Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Development Company in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton has been long known as Canada’s industrial capital and the biggest city of the Prairies region. There’s no shortage of quality web and application development services in Edmonton but some do stand out.

Meet Zwebra Web Studio, a development agency you can entrust any task. Having been on the market for almost a decade, we understand our clients like no other studio does and offer them the best there is. Based on Angular framework, our developers will realize the full potential of your business by creating a single-page application on all available platforms. There’s no need to look elsewhere - all the work at Zwebra is done in-house, which means no outstaffing or outsourcing.

So, if you’re looking for a web development agency in your town or province, be sure to consider Zwebra Studio! For more information, please check our portfolio for the examples of our work.


Max Bezorudko, project manager



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