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With so many businesses relying on single-page applications (SPA) now, it’s very important to have a development framework that would ensure maximum performance and speed at any given moment.

Angular 2 is one of the few candidates for being such framework. Developed by a team of developers from Google specifically for creating single-page applications. Angular 2 is an ideal choice when the time is short and you need to build a complex SPA for your business.

Making no compromises to the overall performance or quality when compared to other frameworks, Angular 2 is a framework to consider, and Zwebra is a web development studio to consider along with it.

Benefits of Angular Framework

  • Development across all platforms (web, mobile, and desktop)
  • Maximum speed and performance
  • Great scalability
  • Incredible tooling

More about Angular

Angular 2 came out as a complete rewrite of AngularJS, a platform that had been around for 6 years at the time. Despite being developed by the same team of programmers from Google, Angular 2 is rather different as it was created specifically for solving complex single-page application tasks.

The reason why it is being called Angular 4 sometimes is that the current stable release is 4.3.6 (as of August 2017).

Here are some features specific to Angular 2:

  1. No concept of «scope» or controllers (uses hierarchy of components as the main architectural concept)
  2. Modularity (core functionality has moved to modules)
  3. Makes use of TypeScript language
  4. Greater focus on mobile development
  5. Improved dependency injection
  6. Supports modern browsers only

Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Development Company in Moncton, New Brunswick

We are Zwebra Web Studio Inc., a professional web development agency in Moncton.  We specialize in all things development, including but not limited to websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, single-page applications, and custom software.

Angular 2 is the technology we’ve been successfully employing to create great single-page applications used by millions of people daily. If you’re looking for a web development studio in Moncton, be sure to consider Zwebra!

For more information, please check our portfolio for the examples of our work.



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