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If you’re about to create single-page applications (SPA), your best bet is Angular 2+. Chances are you’ve heard of Angular before as it’s quite popular not only within the development community but also with everyone who’s interested in websites and web applications.

If not, you have surely used Google Drive, Gmail, or Evernote at least once - all of these products were created with Angular. Created by Google team, Angular does feature everything you need to create a single-page application with a dynamic and complex UI. However, Angular presents strict requirements to the quality of the code and the level of professionalism - certainly, not a job you’d like an amateur to handle.

Here’s what Angular 2 is known for.

Benefits of Angular Framework

  • Ideal for creating dynamic web applications
  • Easily scales to project of any size
  • Combines the best features of websites and desktop apps

More about Angular

Angular is a framework that was developed by Google team in 2016 to handle web applications, especially the ones that have a dynamic and complex UI. Originally called Angular 2 to avoid confusion with the previous product that was called «AngularJS», the framework has gone through several releases, the latest stable being 4.x.x as of 2017, hence the name.  Angular framework is very flexible to fit the needs of most projects. It can also be integrated with other libraries using the common tools. Another thing that’s great about Angular is that it can enhance HTML syntax to suit your project needs. The resulting code is concise and easy to maintain, as well as the data migration process.

Angular developers from Zwebra have enough experience and authority to realize any single-page application (SPA) project you might come up with. Please see our portfolio for the examples of our work.

Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Development Company in Montreal, Quebec

The second most populous city in Canada, Montreal is rightfully called a city of technology and innovation - thanks to its fast-growing IT sector. Many small businesses strive to achieve the same results as Google or Evernote do but they ultimately fail due to the lack of the appropriate technology at hand.

Solution? Consulting a professional web agency (like Zwebra Web Studio) will definitely help. Delegating your SPA task to professionals means a smart and informed decision. At Zwebra, all the work is done in-house. This essential means «no» to outstaffing or outsourcing.

So, if you’re looking for a web development agency in your town or province, be sure to consider Zwebra Studio Inc.!


Max Bezorudko, project manager



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