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Struggling to create a nice single-page application via common tools? Should’ve used Angular 2 framework! If you’re into web and web application development, chances are you’ve already heard of Angular 2 since it’s quite popular. However, even if you haven’t, we will fill you in on this framework. Angular is what serves as a basis for such prominent services as Google Drive and Gmail, which is a testament to its durability and flexibility.

However, Angular is not a framework that can be handled by anyone with a little knowledge of programming. It does require a skilled, professional developer to make full use of its capabilities.

Zwebra is proud to have such specialists among its staff.

Benefits of Angular Framework

  • Was written specifically for building dynamic web applications
  • Changes its scale to fit projects of any size
  • Features the best characteristics from both websites and desktop apps

More about Angular

Conceived and written by a team of programmers from Google, Angular 2 was released in 2016 as a continuation of the product called «AngularJS», hence the name.  The goal was to create a framework for developing web applications, especially the ones with a dynamic and complex UI.

«Why Angular 4 then?» some might ask. The answer is simple - it’s the number of the latest stable version of the framework (4.2.4 as of June 2017, to be precise). Angular 4 is backward compatible with Angular 2. Both can be referred to as «Angular».

Other prominent features of Angular framework are:

  • high flexibility
  • great customization options
  • integration with other libraries
  • simplified data migration.

Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Development Company in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is not only the nation’s capital - it is the center of education (in fact, it is the most educated city in Canada) and a city with the highest standard of living. No wonder that this leads to a highly competitive environment for local businesses, as they’re fighting for their customers, both online and offline. Winning your customers means having a decent website, web application, and mobile app as well - so where do you get them?

Zwebra is here to help. Using the cream of Angular technology, our developers will help you flesh out your boldest web application ideas. An important note: all the work at Zwebra is done in-house - we’ve never done any outstaffing or outsourcing and will continue doing so.

So, if you’re looking for a web development agency in your town or province, be sure to consider Zwebra Web Studio Inc.! For more information, please check our portfolio for the examples of our work.


Max Bezorudko, project manager



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