Digital Transformation: Keeping Your Business in Step With the Times

Maksym Bezorudko / 04.24.20171143

Digital transformation is a hot thing right now. What makes it differ from other gimmicks that come and go is that it’s actually a THING that can help your business move on to the next level.

15 years ago people wanted just websites - good or bad, let them be in great quantities. After a while, people started to pay attention to design and functionality which led to more finesse and decency in web development. Nowadays, people want to reinvent their businesses and find their new place under the sun by means of various Internet-based technologies.

The usual, offline channels are slowly dying off - more and more consumers like to have or do their stuff the digital way. You can book a hotel/flight, listen to music, watch movies, purchase food and clothes via a single digital device, your smartphone or tablet.
This inevitably leads not many companies rethinking their ways of interacting with the customers, even if that means creating new business processes. Evolution is the solution, and those aren’t fit enough won’t survive in this environment.

Here’s an example - traditional record industry with its physical formats like tapes, CDs, and LPs has declined by 35% from 2003 to 2012 losing over $4 billion along the way. The new ecosystem that had emerged (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora Radio) is getting stronger from year to year.

The nature of the business itself has hardly changed. It’s the approach that’s changed.

Come to think of it - digital transformation is already here. Newspapers → Twitter, paper books → iBooks, supermarket → Amazon, taxi → Uber, calls and reservations → online booking. It’s getting better, isn’t it?

Digital Transformation: Three Hot Trends

Within 5 years, digital transformation is bound to become an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy. In order to turn out successfully, the digital transformation should have the following features.

  • Flexibility

Nobody will take the responsibility to predict what would happen in the future. However, many would agree that the technology will keep evolving thus posing new challenges.

If you don't want to miss out on those challenges, you’d better set up your business processes in such way that would be easy to adapt to any future changes that may come. After all, digital transformation is a hybrid of technology and corporate culture.

  • Focus on User Experience

The ultimate goal of any digital transformation is to improve user experience. Modern customers are like spoiled brats - they will easily neglect your brand if they sense that it’s not quite up to their expectations, needs, and ideals.

Customers today crave for an immediate, brief, and pleasant interaction with your product. Modern analytics help you understand where these people come from and how exactly they interact with your brand.

  • Even Greater Focus on Innovations

No time to read manuals - if you see a new technology worth integrating into your business or brand, go for it. Experiment with everything, try things - just don’t put your business on the line. The more options you try, the more great possibilities you will discover.

A Case of Digital Transformation: Number Plate Key Ring

Important note: digital transformation is not a one-man task. It’s better handled by a professional studio with proper experience and expertise. Here’s a project from our portfolio showcasing digital transformation.

Number Plate Key Ring is a UK-based company, which produces key rings. Our task was to design a mobile-friendly landing page with original design.

To make it more appealing, we added a possibility to configure your own key ring choosing the material, color, name, and font. Thanks to that, there’s more need to employ a manager to take orders - everything is done by the customers themselves online. Another great thing is that the customers can see what their order looks like and make the final decision whether to buy or not.

Please note: to avoid any potential flaws, systems like these must have clear and intuitive user interface. Read more about design here.

Right now we’re working on a project that has the potential to revolutionize not only the customer’s business but the whole legal industry. We can’t disclose any information until the project is finished but all we can say now is that it will allow using a huge database to effectively search for solutions in various typical cases. More details to come…

More Digital Transformation Examples

Let’s imagine a mobile app for some property management company that houses 100 thousand residents in some area. These residents can use the app to:

  1. organize the public bike places
  2. notify of the problems in the neighborhood
  3. pay for utilities

Things like that will make people’s everyday lives easier and they would definitely be happy to live such neighborhood.

Another example. A few years ago banks were overfilled with various consultants assisting clients in one way for another. Now, most banks employ so-called «virtual helpers» - chat bots that address the typical client requests. This solution alone is able to minimize the number of employees in call centers - from thousands to hundreds, not to mention the costs, which will also go down once you implement such solution.

Digital transformation is not a ready-made product but rather a technique, approach. It’s a new way of treating your brand and business, which is highly personalized. After all, your competitiveness is on the line.

We’re ready to help our clients undergo digital transformation and make a step on to the next level of success.

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