Outsource Web Development Company in Ukraine: Worth Giving a Shot?

Maksym Bezorudko / 03.31.20171624

Nowadays, people no longer need to physically meet and shake hands to get things done. Outsource proves to be a great solution for many fields, including web development.

Is «Lean and Mean» Website a Myth?

Some people make GREAT WEBSITES for a LOT OF MONEY. Some people make HORRIBLE WEBSITES for a LOT OF MONEY (look around, and you’ll know what I mean).

But most people make WORTHWHILE WEBSITES for a REASONABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY. However, «worthwhile» is not what your customers would expect from your website - now, wouldn’t they?

People are very cautious about the quality of the websites as the industry standards are constantly rising, which is good for casual visitors and quite challenging for website owners as they have to struggle not only with each other but the people’s expectations as well.

That’s why website owners and those who do business online would love to make GREAT WEBSITES for a REASONABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY (you included, I suppose:)). «But is it even possible?» you may ask. We say «Yes, it is», and outsource is the solution.

Why Outsource Web Development?

Well, it’s a very widespread practice that has been going on for many years. In fact, outsource web design business today is more popular than ever.

Many companies (even major ones) from the USA and Canada outsource a great deal of their otherwise in-house work and - guess what - benefit from that. What are the main benefits?

  • Price/quality ratio

This has got to be the main benefit of outsource web development so far. Not to say that you can’t order a website from your local developer - it’s just going to cost you twice as much for the same amount of work and comparable quality.

That said, you shouldn't be under the illusion that programmers in other countries work for peanuts. The level of economic development and standards of living are different, so are job market, taxation, and salaries - these factors may affect the actual cost of web development.

The level of professionalism, however, is quite high as the computer knowledge is universal. But, most importantly, outsource developers have had a lot of practice during the past years and now are able to handle projects of any kind, even the toughest ones.

  • No taxes, social guarantees, or paperwork

Having a web development as a member of your staff means you are obliged to pay all the taxes required by law and provide the mandatory social benefits.

But what if you’re not sure you need a full-time worker? Or, you’re a fledging business that has just opened and doesn’t have enough funds to afford a full-time programmer, designer, or copywriter? If this is the case, then outsourcing will help you keep the budget under control.

  • Flexibility

With modern means of communication, there’s no need to be physically present at all times during the web development process. Even though you don’t meet in person, you can be always in touch with your outsource developers checking in on the progress and making changes as you go.

In this regard, the web development process if no different than an in-house work. Either way, you’re going to end up watching the results in your browser.

So, if you’re still asking yourself the question «Should I outsource my web development?», the answer is yes! Plus, you don’t have to outsource the whole web design company - if you need some minor work done, you can just outsource a web developer.

Most Common Outsource Web Services

Here are the outsource web development services you might expect to order from an outsource company.

  1. outsource web design projects (to help you lay the foundation for the future website)
  2. outsource website design (to help you create the great visuals)
  3. outsource web programming and PHP web development (that is, in fact, the bulkiest part of the work - coding)
  4. outsource WordPress web design (creating a website using the technology from WordPress, one of the industry leaders)

    But that’s not all - once your website is up and running, you may probably need some more work done.

  5. outsource web application development (must-have for e-shops)
  6. outsource web support and content management (all very useful features for any kind of website)
  7. outsource web content writing and web copy (if your website isn’t a mere online business card, you’re definitely going to need that)
  8. outsource web marketing (might be the second most important outsource web service after the development itself - includes everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to CRO (conversion rate optimization) to paid advertising campaigns).

Where’s to Outsource?

It turns out the choice is pretty wide. What differs is the price/quality ratio - remember, we’re after the golden one, right?

Countries where price/quality ratio shifts towards the quality

You will definitely get the quality but won’t win much money-wise as the price will be pretty close to what you’ll get in North America.

  • the UK
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Poland

Surprisingly enough, Vietnam and Poland are on this list too because the outsource web development has been rapidly developing in these countries recently, which prompted the local web studios to raise the prices.

Countries where price/quality ratio shifts towards the price

Outsource web development studios from these countries will ask a very moderate price for their services but will they deliver - that’s a good question. The answer is «not always», which is not a good thing for small business owners won’t have time/money to undo what has been done.

Cheap outsource web design and development exists in:

  • Philippines
  • Argentina
  • Bangladesh
  • India

So, what is the best outsource development option for you then? Judging by the current market situation, this has got to be Ukraine.

Why Outsource in Ukraine?

Well, because they’re closer to the «golden» price/quality ratio than everybody else. A lot of major companies have already entrusted their development tasks to the companies and agencies from Ukraine, including Microsoft and Facebook.

Medium and small businesses can also benefit greatly by doing so.

How to outsource your web development in Ukraine

Here are a few tips on how to get the best from your outsource project:

  1. pay attention to the technologies they use
  2. find out how long they have been on the market
  3. view their portfolio
  4. check out their staff profiles

What’s the price for outsourcing in Ukraine?

The average price is between $25 and $50 per hour, depending on the qualification of the company and the difficulty of the task. In any case, it would 3 or 4 times less than you would’ve paid if ordered similar services in the US or Canada.



If you’re interested in finding a reliable web development outsource partner in Ukraine, give us a shout - we’ll give you more details and point you in the right direction.

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