Zwebra: 2018 Recap + Our Plans for 2019

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It has become our tradition - at the beginning of every year, we run a quick recap of the most important things that happened to our studio in the past year and share some of our plans the upcoming one.
Let’s start, shall we?

2018: Our Main Web Development Projects

The previous year has proven to be quite challenging, yet full of really interesting projects. We’ve become a better and stronger team, which, in turn, helped us to deliver better and stronger results for our clients.

For every project we’ve completed in 2018, we ensured the maximum quality, performance, and unique, recognizable style.

  • In 2018, we’ve launched:
  • 12 major websites
  • 4 e-shops
  • 3 mobile applications

In addition to that, we’ve also designed a bunch of logos even though we’re not strictly a design agency.

Each of the aforementioned projects has a story of its own that deserves being told - what can tell that story better than our portfolio? Be sure to check it here.

However, there’s one project that we would like to tell you about here - it’s one of the most challenging, sophisticated, and unique projects we’ve done for our Canadian clients in 2018.

The project name is Liftoff Capital - it’s a social network that brings together startups and investors. We spent almost a year working on this social network and what can we say - there’s a good chance Liftoff capital might become a breakthrough project with worldwide impact, right up there with the great like AirBnB and UpWork.

It’s only been a month since we launched the project but they’ve already had more than 100 users joining the network - and that’s even without our marketing doing their thing on promoting Liftoff Capital on social media and web, which they will start doing pretty soon.

Learn more about Liftoff Capital project development.

2018: Our Main SMM Projects

Despite web development being our main service, we managed to do a lot of SMM, SEO, and PPC projects in 2018. Plus, we designed a few great web applications, did a ton of front-end development, testing, and copywriting in 30 odd projects for our clients from all over the world.

In doing so, we managed to double the income of our repeat that we’ve been working with for more than 3 years.

Much like in 2017, the bulk of our SMM work was done on Facebook and Instagram, which are the two most important social media platforms for our clients.

One of the larger SMM projects was the promotion of a movie theater “Galaktika Cinema” in Kremenchug. Over the course of 4 months, we were able to attract more than 15,000 new subscribers from the client’s target audience!
That’s one thing to think about when you’re considering whether to run an SMM campaign for your business or not - as you can see, when done right, it yields really amazing results.

What Makes Our Studio Special

It took us less than a year to launch and establish our first-ever office in Canada (in Saint John), set up an additional office in Moncton, and basically make a name for ourselves in New Brunswick and Canada.

Read more about the struggles we had to face and overcome on our way to becoming one of NB’s leading digital agencies in this article here.

When a client entrusts us with the task of creating a website, application, or marketing campaign, we give our best to ensure the best possible outcome and never fail to deliver. We do realize the level of responsibility and know for sure that trust cannot be bought in this business - it can only be earned.

The three key ingredients to our neverending strive for perfection are:

  1. Top-class specialists
  2. Experience and expertise
  3. Custom approach to every case

In order to remain competitive on the market, we visit professional seminars and workshops on a regular basis, as well as taking part in different conferences and professional competitions.

In 2018, Zwebra Studio specialists have taken part in the following events:

  • Our graphic designer Natalya Kolos has completed an online course in UX design provided by AIC and Skillbox studios.
  • Our SEO specialist Veronika Mostovaya has completed the course “Internet marketing Start” provided by WebPromoExperts Internet-marketing Academy. She has also visited the international conference on acquiring and monetizing traffic called Sempro 2018.
  • Our graphic designer Elena Guselnikova is about to finish her course at one of the biggest Moscow agencies called TOP UI/UX Design.
  • Our developer Rostislav Kolos is perfecting his programming skills in one of the most advanced frameworks out there - Laravel. The course is provided by a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company Beetroot Academy.
  • Our QA engineer Victoria Lazor and front-end developer Alexander Shut have taken part in the conference Web Standards Days, the main topics of which were the standards and guidelines of modern development.
  • Alexander Shut has also visited KharkivCSS - a gathering of Frontend/Backend developers and designers discussing various aspects of current development standards of the worldwide web.
  • Our project manager Vitalina Chernyavskaya has completed a course in web design and front-end development provided by Balance+.
  • Our SMM specialist Marina Bokovan has started the course The Secrets of Targeting on Facebook/Instagram provided by a famous targetologist Vladimir Cherkasov.

There’s hardly any other area that develops and changes as rapidly as IT does. The only way to remain competitive in this environment is monitoring the trends, following them, and (ideally) anticipating them thus providing the best quality product and performance for our clients!

Our team might be young but mighty and experienced - this goes to everyone at Zwebra, you guys have been awesome in 2018 and there’s no reason why you can’t be even more awesome in 2019!

Zwebra Studio: Our Plans For 2019

By the time you are reading this article, we will have already launched our new office in downtown Toronto - what a way to start a new year, huh?

Among our other plans for 2019 are:

  • Hire more specialists to our offices in Canada and Ukraine - if you’re looking for some job opportunities with us, please write us at
  • Continue growing our offices and providing even more services to our clients (e.g., producing our own video content)
  • Launch our new website to coincide with the launch of our new office in Moscow

We have high hopes for 2019 as it has every chance to become a breakthrough year for us and our clients! Join us on Facebook to follow the latest news and announcements from Zwebra.


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